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2011 Ford Mustang Sports Cars Boss 302R

Years ago Larry Shinoda designed the original BOSS 302 special-edition Ford Mustang. The car, which was offered in 1969 and 1970, was a high-performance machine built to compete in the Trans Am Racing series. No doubt, the car became a major highlight in the history of the Ford Mustang.

2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302R

In December of 2009, Ford Racing announced the highly anticipated return of the BOSS Mustang. The new car, named the BOSS 302R, will be available as a serialized off-road-only vehicle, limited in number to a total of 50 units. Ford reports the car was designed In honor of the 40th anniversary of Parnelli Jones' 1970 Trans-Am championship in a Ford Mustang Boss 302 prepared by Bud Moore Engineering, Ford Racing is introducing the Ford Mustang Boss 302R, a factory-built race car ready for track days and road racing in a number of Grand-Am, SCCA and NASA classes.

"To preserve tempo with consumer demand, the Ford team has constructed contemporary variations of the maximum iconic overall performance Mustangs over time," stated Jamie Allison, director, Ford North America Motorsports. "From Shelbys to Bullitt, Mach and Cobra Jet, it's far now time for Boss to join the listing of America's maximum coveted Mustangs. The original Boss 302 become a championship-winning legend and the new Ford Mustang Boss 302R will carry on the culture. The Mustang become born to race from the begin, and this new Mustang is bred to win."

The Ford Mustang Boss 302R is a serialized off-road-best car ready to race. Each base version will include a 5.Zero-liter 4-valve engine and a six-speed manual transmission with a roll cage, race seats, protection harness, information acquisition and race dampers/springs, and a Brembo brake and tire bundle, starting at an MSRP of $seventy nine,000.

And, with a special Grand-Am Homologation Package (M-FR500-Boss R1), it will also be ready to compete within the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series (formerly called KONI Challenge), starting with the season-establishing race in Daytona on Jan. 29, 2010. Five Boss 302R race motors might be added to clients prepared to race in Daytona. MSRP of the Boss 302R1 is $129,000.

The Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge-ready Ford Mustang Boss 302R will feature a sealed high-output race engine with an upgraded cooling system, a close-ratio six-speed transmission with integral shifter, a seam-welded body, race suspension/KONI dampers and ABS brake tuning, race performance exhaust and a high-speed balance one-piece driveshaft.

According to Jamie Allison, director of Ford North American Motorsports, "We expect the BOSS 302R to preserve the successful subculture of triumphing with factory-constructed manufacturing-based race motors from Ford Racing. The FR500C and FR500S road racing Mustangs, and the Mustang FR500CJ (Cobra Jet) for drag racing have established to be wonderful cars for our customers, helping groups win races and championships. We agree with that the BOSS 302R will offer that same form of competitive product for our clients with the lifestyle you may only get from Ford Racing."

"Racing has long served as a technical proving grounds for production engines," said Allison. "What's good enough for the streets is now good enough for the racetrack. The 5.0-liter block and architecture in the Ford Mustang Boss 302R is the same as the 2011 Ford Mustang GT."

In total, only 50 BOSS 302Rs could be constructed and pricing starts offevolved at $79,000 USD (?54,885).

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