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Toyota Supra (2015)

CAR GARAGE | Toyota Supra (2015) | The 2015 Toyota Supra is expected to be powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, working together with the car maker's Hybrid Synergy Drive. The future Supra will be one powerful hybrid. It's expected to output around 400 hp. The Supra was a sports car produced by Toyota from 1979 to 2002. New rumors surfaced the web today, claiming That Toyota is currently working on a successor for the Supra.

Apparently, Toyota is going to build the new 2015 Supra based on the FT-HS concept unveiled at the 2007 They North American International Auto Show. Could this mean the 2015 Supra That will get the concept's hybrid power train. With a diesel hybrid Evo on the way, and a possible hybrid Supra, we're wondering what's next.  Rumors have been suggesting the Supra name That would be making a comeback and the fact That Toyota has just renewed the "Supra" That trademark registration expired back in 2006, leads us to the one logical conclusion: we will soon be Able to drive around in a Supra again.

The return of the Supra name has been denied and confirmed by Toyota so many times, it's equivalent to watching a tennis ball over the net endlessly shooting - back and forth, back and forth. During the official debut of the GT 86 , Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, said there was room for a three-tier sports car line-up in the Toyota range, with one car sitting below the 86 and one above it: Right now the 86 will be a mid-size sports car. One would probably be a follower Supra. It would like a Supra successor.

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Mustaqim Jaed
Saya Adalah Orang Yang Suka Menggambar Dan Menulis Serta Menyukai Hal Hal Yang Baru, Terus Belajar Dan Berinovasi Supaya Lebih Baik Lagi

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