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Citroen DS9 (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Citroen DS9 (2013) | This car will Likely to be the new member of the Citroen DS That family would be named as the 2013 DS9. The car manufacturer Citroen has recently unveiled the teasing image of Their new DS series car the which will be available next year (2013).

The car manufacturer Citroen are using the same traditional technique to boost up the excitement Among its fans by showing the incomplete picture of the car, surely with the passage of time They will reveal its full specifications with more pictures and other features. The new DS9 would be Produces by the joint venture of the Citroen and the Chinese car manufacturer Changan group.

This car is designed with the metropolis themed body structure, that was produced by Citroen in 2010's Shanghai motor show. May be this car is the remake version of that metropolis car Offered in the Chinese region. The new Citroen DS9 shall be installed with the V6 engine package, with 2.0 Litre petrol engine based That may Produce the output power of 480bhp.

This car comes under the category of the metropolis, so it should be Offered in that price That should be almost same with its competitive car models like the Mercedes S class cars and the Audi A8 . Citroen are now building a milestone of success by producing continuously Such reliable, stable and dynamic up to date cars. There is a chance too That Citroen DS9 will present this new model in the upcoming Beijing Motor Show next month.

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