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Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring Concept (2012) | The car will be produced as a very limited series for discerning customers: collectors, aficionados and design sporting drivers with appreciation for a tailor-made car based on individual passion and taste. The briefing at Carrozzeria Touring in 1952 Mentioned the need for a shape That was 'insensitive to wind'. The unique basic design, featuring an oval cross section, evolved in different versions, and was even registered as 'design patent'. Using Alfa Romeo 1900 C elements, the car received a new aluminum crankcase, a new tubular chassis, and a very light , striking and efficient aluminum body.

Initially aimed at races in the Sport category, the C52 Disco Volante soon reached the status of design icon. So significant is the Disco Volante in the history of automobile design, that Alfa Romeo has chosen to celebrate this Touring design its own 100th anniversary with a bronze sculpture now exhibited in Milan.

Prior to any construction phase at Touring, every new component is CAD designed and documented. The program covers Meticulous engineering feasibility, safety,homogenization,aerodynamics and structural analysis. Touring has preserved and developed the use of hand-beaten aluminum panels. The weight advantage of aluminum is one of the assets of Touring Supercharger's construction methods.  The entire manufacturing process is fully documented and digitally logged, to guarantee consistent quality levels and accurate reproduction.

The Disco Volante 2012 design briefing required to blend ingredients as innovation, emotion and aerodynamic properties into a timeless and essential shape. Of a sports Berlinetta by Touring, in this case extrovert, Clareypronounced, and tempting. The overall teardrop shape reflects classic volumes with respect for aerodynamic values. The final result is a rear-oriented design, with an extended rear overhang, a retracted greenhouse, and a limited front overhang.

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