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2013 GTA Spano

CAR GARAGE | 2013 GTA Spano | A limited edition of 99 GTA Spano models will be produced. GTA Spano has its own V10 engine, the which is longitudinally positioned at the rear with 820 HP and a torque of 960 nm. Production models introduces new components, Such as front and side air intakes, a front bonnet, rear-view mirrors and a door-opening system.

GTA has developed a special engine for this car, and has opted for a V10, 8.3 liter engine placed in a longitudinal rear position. GTA Spano also has an electronic power control system, supplied According to the customer's wishes, the which regulates power from a minimum of 450 cv to the maximum power.

The chassis has been built completely out of carbon fiber, titanium and Kevlar, Whose rigidity is four times Greater Than That of today's super sport cars commercialized Presently, the which offers the best level of safety. Thanks to its special chassis outline and the materials used, GTA has great traction capacity and is easy to drive, unlike what one think of a car Might Whose power is 820 hp.

To bring this huge potential to a standstill, GTA's braking system includes 380 mm diameter carbon ceramic ventilated-disc brakes and 6-piston callipers supplied by AP Racing, with pneumatic assistance and ABS. GTA Spano also has a sophisticated traction control system. The tires are manufactured exclusively for this car by Pirelli: 255/35 on a 19 "front wheel and 335/30 on a 20" rear wheel. GTA Spano also offers self-adjusting shock absorbers the which are capable of raising the car by up to 8 cm to avoid potholes and the regular speed bumps on roads, and to facilitate access to garages.

GTA has come to distribution agreements with the most Important companies on the world automobile scene. GTA has previous agreements in Such countries as China, United Arab Emirates, USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand. Nowadays, GTA Motor Continues negotiating with other countries to increase of its distribution chain and Consolidate. GTA's maintenance and after-sales service exclusivity are defined by firms with Ample experience fulfill the which all the requirements expected by GTA.

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