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Yokomo Custom Chop Shop

The lengthy avenue to RWD improvement and a bit of CS on the facet.

At the instant, I experience I can say that I've attempted lots within the RC drift scene. At times you lose motivation and search for new guidelines. RWD has been one. Running on exclusive surfaces is constantly a laugh too.

Has it come complete circle? The plastic Drift package deal with some mods proves the factor that you could nonetheless have reasonably-priced a laugh. I don't forget my first RWD chassis became gyro less and changed into a great place to begin. But it quickly advanced within the look for THE placing. Trying all sorts of mixtures before embracing the electronic guidance rack. Aka Gyro.

I nevertheless have 2 Drift package deal chassis. There is virtually soo a good deal improvement in these items they can't be ignored within the go with the flow scene.

The RWD Drift Master model of the waft bundle has been a benchmark for me. Capable but nonetheless no longer honestly best. But it too has been a development chassis and nevertheless is.

I've been thru approximately 10x 4WD chassis, from splendid high Counter Steer Ratios, Low counter Fast chassis, Slow Chassis, Flickable, Stable, some thing. Each has had it's very own fashion even as nonetheless evolving thru the to be had parts catalog.

But what occurs while the elements catalog doesn't have what you want.

You need to construct. Nowadays we have the approach to do most things we want. 3d printers and 5-axis gadget equipment. However as hobbyists, we can hardly ever have the funds for the cost of setup for small manufacturing. So I though a lot approximately what is probably viable with evolution and now not outright alternative. As I actually have a heavy funding in Yokomo machines, I couldn't absolutely justify replacing all of them.

So evolution is the important thing. Rear-drive Evolution Weight-shift.

I am up to now very very pleased with result of the DRB-REW prototype. I had a lot amusing using it, I overlook that I'm speculated to be checking out stuff.

Small companies, like Guild n One, TN Racing, Overdose, RC-926 and others inspire and all play their role in creating some thing unique.

 So at the same time as I am handiest making the chassis plates, every resulting chassis can be very bespoke as hobbyists like ourselves use their present day delight and pleasure chassis and evolve it into some thing else.

While the unique system is hardly ever recognizable to a stranger, we nevertheless can take satisfaction in commencing that authentic box and understanding that we've got developed the chassis into some thing bespoke.

The builder of this black machine was the only who got me thinking extra about chassis evolution. It was a MUST HAVE purchase that encapsulated so some of the thoughts that I already desired to conform into my personal DRBs.

To say I became stimulated is a sarcasm. It completely modified the way I concept about tuning. So I've taken this idea and evolved once more with many greater present day impacts whilst retaining true to Yokomo's photograph.

So the following time you spot this black Ninja... It'll have advanced once more into my REW prototype config.

Is it nonetheless Yokomo? Well 30% maybe.

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