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Toyota Yaris Trend (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Toyota Yaris Trend (2013) | Toyota Yaris Trend has been styled to Amplify the most dynamic elements of the Yaris range, reinforcing the vehicle's distinctive character by emphasising the horizontal lines and strengthening the link between the interior and exterior design. As well as having distinctive looks, Toyota Yaris Trend retains the fundamental qualities that set it apart from the supermini pack.

The interior styling reflects the design theme outside, with a black and white finish - with a contrasting touch of ocher - to create a clean style with plenty of visual impact. The geometry of the center console has been changed, with the soft-touch dashboard and upper door panels finished in white to emphasise the horizontal lines of the design. The dashboard itself matches the exterior bodywork surface line with Deco detailing. On models with Multidrive S transmission, the shift knob has a white insert and ocher stitching.

The black and white design theme is complimented by the seat upholstery. The upper seatback bolsters and headrests are finished in a new, pearl white leather-look material with more ocher stitching and the headrests (front and rear) have the Deco line surface finishing. The combination meter follows the same color theme, in black and white with ocher accents.

Versions with white paint covers have matching white in the headlamp units. The 2013 Toyota Yaris with Deco trend line will be available in white or silver, colors chosen to maximise its visual impact; versions without the Deco line will be offered in the full range of Yaris exterior finishes.

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