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Toyota TJ Cruiser concept hints at potential new rugged lifestyle SUV

The Toyota TJ Cruiser concept being shown at the Tokyo motor show has been created to test reaction among the car-buying public to a lifestyle SUV with a rugged look and carrying capacity of a van, its designer has said.

The TJ Cruiser's putting appearance turned into created at Toyota's layout facility in Tokyo, but layout chief Hirokazu Ikuma has showed that the car is beneath assessment for launch globally, along with in Europe. If reaction is high-quality and it did attain production, it might probable be based totally on the following era of Toyota?S TGNA platform, due to be released round 2022

The boxy form of the TJ Cruiser is inspired by using a square tool chest, and to mirror this appearance the interior is designed to be modular so that it is able to be tailored to hold passengers or bags, and the body panels were designed to be sufficiently rugged to withstand flexing or scratching if whatever is balanced at the bonnet or roof. TJ stands for Toolbox Joy.

Although the car is a concept, engineers who worked on its conception say that a petrol or hybrid powertrain are probable should the TJ Cruiser make production, and that it's far likely to be sold with a 4-wheel force powertrain.

A very last choice on whether or not the TJ Cruiser is released into the booming SUV market will be made after the idea vehicle has passed through several client clinics around the arena.

From auto feed http://ift.Tt/2ix92Hz

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