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The beginning of the era of the new generation of the off-road icon JEEP WRANGLER 2019

The American brand Jeep in its 75-year history managed to impose itself as an expert for cars with off-road qualities, and Wrangler is a true legend on this territory. The fourth generation comes at the scene, which is at least different from the predecessor in terms of the outer design. The confirmed recipe and Wrangler's unique look is an important part of the character and Jeep rightfully has no reason or desire to change. At times when the SUV models dictate the pace of dunia sales, the Wrangler is more a classic off-roader than an SUV, so Jeep proudly presents the details of its latest car that guarantees top-notch performance after leaving the asphalt.

The paling aman and field qualities are based on the strength and durability of both axles and the steel construction, and the introduction of several aluminum elements made it possible to reduce the weight by about 90 pounds. In addition to the large number of security assistants, Jeep also took care of inserting the latest technologies in every possible segment, including an infotainment system that includes the latest generation of the Uconnect system with a 5.7 or 8.4 inch touchscreen.

The new Jeep Wrangler will be available in several configurations, with 2 doors and 4 doors, with a soft or hard top, and off-road features are most pronounced in the Rubicon performance, which includes 33-inch wheels, a roll-over protection system and an advanced suspension system.

The engines that will be offered include a 2.0 liter diesel with four cylinders (270 kilowatts) and a 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine with 285 horsepower, and connected to a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission. Actually, Wranger is currently only presented for the US market, but in 2018 it will be promoted to the European customers, where it will once again be able to prove top performance.

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