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Speedline CR-1 for Rear Wheel Drive @ GCRC

Speedline CR-1 Medium for Cement

CR-1 Speedline are the selected manage tyre for RWD rear tyres at GCRC, Gold Coast RC Raceway.

Set a big project of finding a tyre that has similar pace to Countersteer 4wd cars, would not go away itself at the song surface and can nonetheless produce grip is tough.

Testing over 20 one-of-a-kind versions, some have been first rate fast, some have been remarkable sluggish, some had been high-quality for two laps then terribly slippery, a few have been wiped out in a consultation.

This tyre turned into a balanced result for our cause and the particular needs of GCRC. Just like several song targeting realism and selling near tandem drifting a manipulate tyre is vital.

This is the flat camber design... but they still look pretty round to me. Edges are sharp so be careful when mounting.  Mounting is quite tight. you wont need 0-bands or foam inners. On many rim brands, you may need to remove the sharp edge with a knife and maybe trim the rim edge also.

I best want to mount as much as the outer lip. Raised lettering approach you can escape a few paint and decorate.

What about driving... they look really slippery? Well we all know one tyre behaves incredibly differenty to another.  Stay tuned for a video from GCRC on the super polished concrete. They require a bit more "driving", but once you get used to the "feeling". You will enjoy these.

We are already taking part in the matched pace drift trains at GCRC after only a couple of weeks. Chassis are tuning into the texture and walking door to door already.

Join the trains.

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