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RE-Xtreme RC DRB-REW Prototype

DRIFT PACKAGE DRB-REW Rear Drive Rear Motor Weight Shift Evolution Prototype

The DRB is a splendid base for Drift... And I wasn't finished with it is Evolution.

This Custom Mid Motor Chassis from Japan I use for CS, It combines hints from Guild'n One, Overdose, GRK and extra but I actually have nonetheless tried to enhance in this through beginning up the variety of alternatives further.

I've been trying a number of designs to accommodate big steerage perspective and flexiblity in setup.

Support for a lot of these will be built in.

I have played with locations for the whole thing.

But accommodating this one is in which I even have focused most attention

The first prototype is prepared in CAD for cutting and prototyping. A lot of components, however perfecting an already notable design calls for a piece of re-engineering.

Can't wait to get it heading in the right direction.

Once the Prototype is setup... I'll be making the chassis available on the market.

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