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RE-Xtreme RC DRB-REW Prototype #001

RE-Xtreme RC is proud to show the DRB-REW Prototype #001 in it's raw unfinished shape.

The full carbon set is now a arms on revel in.

From layout to truth is a wonderful enjoy.

Every measurement of each piece is correct.

Support for a whole host of different alternatives.

4 exceptional guidance positions are just the begin. 3 Different servo configurations, Many battery places.

To start the construct I needed to pick a shade. Yes... Blue it's far.

So the deconstruction of the blue Overdose DRB started out and picks for authentic config were made.

Config No1 is as proven.

DRB V2 Front. Drift Package RWD Long Wiper.

Slim Hyper Drive brace, Team Suzuki Rear cease and BD7 Ball Diff

There are plenty of overly complicated designs out there's RWD land. I've long past for easy initially.

I am still finalising motor belt pulleys to update the spur and spacers for the battery mount screw lengths and more but I am already incredible excited wherein this is going.

NOTE: pulley on top of the OD motor mount can be removed as no longer required

The the front is splendid non-obligatory. The higher deck can support the DP positions proven right here with a lateral servo. Just beforehand of those are the GRK slide rack positions.

There are 2 positions for the everyday DRB wiper set in carbon replacing the alloy mount factor.

From the images above you'll also be aware three sets of steerage wipers that I am comparing to accompany those alternatives.

But already the DP lengthy wipers seem more than good enough. For someone who has already upgraded to the narrow scrub the front cease, that is an smooth trade.

Narrow chassis permits for a LOT of body roll. Rear tower has positions for 5mm longer shock or the use of an extended ball cease to elevate the period and regain stroke. All bulkheads have been raised 5mm in those pictures.

This works with the cutout inside the rear shock tower to allow for a bendy battery position.

Large cutout for rear spool also lets in for a larger spool pulley to gradual the rear wheel pace.

I may be running nine-forty ball diff and testing 9-forty~forty five rear solid axles in trying out.

I may also be going for walks 11-41~45 Motor belt pulleys to cater for the rear motor function.

Shorty % or course permits for the maximum variations.

This is my current fave role.

There are soo many locations to put the battery I stopped earlier than I took too many snap shots.

Most will mount the battery right here. Only angled because of cutting-edge transient pulley. But the rear surprise tower cutout lets in for a low position.

Simple OEM DRB rubber straps will keep the battery no problems.

As you could see, I've integrated the non-compulsory DP suspension positions and the rear diffuser vicinity.

Twin servo and other positions are all ready.

I am nevertheless figuring out quite a few what the first setup could be. But the electrics might be established soon.

M12S , Sanwa Super Votex Plus D and Twin SRG BLX, Etc Etc....

A gradual method but the effects will not be terrible. I can already see the hours of thinking about gadgets paying off.

It actually took 1 hour to convery my other chassis to this position with everything bolting in perfectly.

Stay tuned for final config and first checks.

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