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As for the wide range of Mercedes, the Mercedes Benz in 2018 comes up with something different that users has not yet seen by Mercedes, and that's the new mercedes benz pickup that belongs to the X class. From the information we have this contoh of pickup will be completely different from the Mercedes-Benz pickups so far, it will have a higher level of interior and mechanics. However, there are many speculations among the people that the new X-group pickup is quite similar to the Nissan Navara.

The commercial director Daimler, who is in charge of the commercial vehicles in Mercedes, addressed this kind of speculation, that the X group is something new that comes out of Mercedes and that there will be accelerated development, and that some parts of NISSAN have not been taken accidentally from the new NISSAN.

The new x-class pickup from Mercedes is quite stable and offers great safety, will be a medium-sized big, will give high reliability and weight and more comfortable driving at longer distances. The well-designed X group has taken the rear double cab which is identical to the Nissan cabin, and as for the width X group is slightly wider than Nissan and it is 55 and 62 mm in order to improve stability.

The exterior of this contemporary pickup Mercedes X consists of a 4-door cabin and a trailer separated from the cabin, which is typical of a commercial pickup, but the new Mercedes X will not look that way, it will appear on the market with a coupled cabin so-called unibody.

As for the mask on the front, it is completely identical to the previous pickup, but only slightly differs in the chrome-plated part depending on the version of this pickup truck.

The rear part reflects with thin led lights located in the upper part of the trunk.

The interior looks fantastic, it is seen that the manufacturer has taken many things from other Mercedes cars, the front mask has a large dashboard; between the seats there is an 8.4 inch screen with a rich hidangan and a number of functions that are taken from the V class, multimedia works with the command online system that is related to Mercedes and navigation.

The interior of the X class gives us more space than the Navara. The front seats are made with a stronger backrest, and the rear seats are lifted due to the high Navara cab and are without head restraint, more visibility for the occupants, the sound insulation of the X group is at a higher level unlike NISSAN. The instrument panel will be produced in tiga variants, three levels of equipment and multiple variants of materials, meaning consumers will have a wide range of offerings regarding the level of equipment.

The X class will appear in two variants, one of them X220d with a single turbo with 116 hp, and the other will be the X250d with twin turbo 187 hp and both variants are products of Nissan. The new is that the old six-door gearbox now has the option to be replaced with the 7-speed automatic transmission. The new Mercedes X class in 2018 will also offer us a more powerful and far stronger engine than the previous two models, and this will be the X350D 4MATIC with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and 250 hp. With the launch of this pick-up Mercedes achieves its goal to its contours such as the BMW, AUDI and the rest. The X-group prices are quite high, this contoh will now be marketed only in Europe, and in America it will happen later. This terbaru and luxurious pickup will appear on the market in late November. This Mercedes pickup is expected to be sold in a record number of samples.

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