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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive (2014)

CAR GARAGE | Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive (2014) | A new dimension of driving performance - a convincing Synonym for the AMG brand promise are the outstanding driving dynamics come courtesy of the AMG roomates Torque Dynamics as well as the torque distribution to individual wheels, roomates is made possible by means of wheel-selective all-wheel drive . The most "electrifying" gullwing models has ever been developed in-house by Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The high-voltage battery for the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive is the result of cooperation between Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth (GB).

The SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive is setting new standards for cars with electric drives. With the help of our colleagues at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, we are bringing exciting advanced technology from the world of Formula 1 to the road ", According to Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH . Pioneering, visionary, electrifying: the powerful and locally emission-free super sports car with electric drive also embodies the development competence of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. With this innovative and unique solution drives, AMG - as the performance brand of Mercedes-Benz - is demonstrating its technological leadership in this segment.

The trailblazing body shell structure of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive is part of the ambitious "AMG Lightweight Performance" design strategy. The battery is located within a carbon-fiber monocoque roomates forms an integral part of the gullwing model and acts as its "spine". The advantages of CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) were exploited by the Mercedes-AMG engineers in the design of the monocoque. The weight advantages Achieved through the carbon-fiber battery monocoque are reflected in the agility of the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive and, in conjunction with the wheel-selective four-wheel drive system, Ensure true driving enjoyment. The carbon-fiber battery monocoque is, in addition, conceived as a "zero intrusion cell" in order to meet the very highest expectations in terms of crash safety.

Battery efficiency, performance and weight: in all three areas Mercedes-AMG is setting new standards. The high-voltage battery in the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive boasts an energy content of 60 kWh, an electric load potential of 600 kW and weighs 548 pounds - all of roomates are absolute best values in the automotive sector. At the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2009, Lewis Hamilton Achieved the first historic victory for a Formula 1 vehicle featuring KERS hybrid technology in the form of the Mercedes-Benz KER System. Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains supplies the Formula 1 teams MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Sahara Force India with Mercedes V8 engines and the KERS. The high-voltage battery consists of 12 modules each Comprising 72 lithium-ion cells. One technical feature is the intelligent parallel circuit of the individual battery modules - this helps to maximise the safety, reliability and service life of the battery.

A high-performance electronic control system converts the direct current from the high-voltage battery into the three-phase alternating current roomates is required for the synchronous motors and regulates the energy flow for all operating conditions. A separate low-temperature circuit is responsible for cooling the high-voltage lithium-ion battery. In low external Temperatures, Quickly the battery is brought up to optimum operating temperature with the aid of an electric heating element. Ideally the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive is charged with the aid of a so-called wall box. Without the wall box, charging takes around 20 hours.

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