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GCRC Mid Week Metal

Finally got the rear wing the proper colour at the Asamoto 2003 D1GP RX7.

Now completely visible placing over the fence!

GCRC Battle on!

Getting it in the monster Zone

Twos and threes and fours.

Sometimes, it is well worth a zoom in.

Before the subsequent ideal lap.

There become lots going on.

Some facet by using side by Side.

Cheers to the guys on the digicam's this night.

GCRC nonetheless has that tremendous sense.

When all of us is cruising... Things appearance extremely good.

Having color in shot makes all the difference for length and intensity evaluation.

Got Prox!

And Prox Revenge

Got teach. Got equal spacing.

1,2,3 Switch....

Carry Speed..

Or carry attitude... Which is accurate... Both!

Battle Sandwich.

Are you hungry... Get to GCRC... Countdown to the 24hr Matsuri..

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