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Get inside the slipstream... @ GCRC

It starts with a four way access...

Then try to hold on underneath energy.

And get ready for the switch!

Every couple of laps, we look ahead to that small mistake so we can circulate up the order.

Or simply relax at the lower back to revel in the flavour.

Out of a 3 hour session, I only use the digital camera for about five minutes.

But there may be usually a person trying to expose off sliding the wall.

Or definitely cruising.

It was surely a mission to get all people to forestall for a 1 minute shoot.

Driftline S13, FXX S15, DRB-REW FD3s, Hayabusa S14, Bianca JZX

Tonight I turned into play with weight shift setting so the ride peak become a touch better than everyday.

Chase time!

Running far from Tomato Sauce and mustard.

I still want to pay attention on placing a line. Even after five years. I'm crap at main.

But I try.

But drop a tiny little bit of speed or make a small mistake, and the educate will catch up. These battles are tight!

I have some extra "dudes" to carry to the circuit for surroundings. A few new things have been introduced around the area.

Still preventing with bump steer at the slide rack putting, however new knuckles at the manner which need to cast off that.

DRB-REW Ninja black putting is tested and established. Now it is time for chassis setting #3 Typhoon silver.

What an great consultation! Loving the Tuesday Tsuiso.

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