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Ford Transit Custom (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Ford Transit Custom (2013) | The all-new Ford Transit Custom will help 1-tonne van customers combat stress every-day motoring with a comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance features, the which are shared with Ford's passenger cars. From the latest driver awareness technologies, Such as Lane Keeping Alert and Driver Alert, to practical features for city maneuvering, Including Cornering Lights and Rear View Camera, the Ford Transit Custom has the features to help drivers stay busy relaxed and secure behind the wheel. "Ford's latest passenger cars, like the new Focus, have an unprecedented number of advanced technology features," said Dr Torsten Wey, supervisor of driver assistance systems, Ford of Europe. "With the Custom Transit, we are offering many of the same Innovations, enabling commercial vehicle customers to benefit from Increased reassurance and comfort when They drive."

The Ford Transit has been custom engineered to minimise the costs required for both routine and non-routine servicing, through smart design and optimising the requirement for regular maintenance. With the longest service intervals in the class - two years / 50.000 km/30, 000 miles - the Ford Transit Custom is designed to spend as little time as possible off the road. The same attention to detail is employed on the brake system, brake pads with wear indicators to highlight when the pads need replacement.

The new model is engineered with a comprehensive range of features in the front end of the vehicle the which are carefully designed to Reduced the risk of injury to pedestrians, focusing on the design of the bumper and bonnet, the front structure, and the layout of the engine compartment. Like Ford's latest passenger cars Such as the Focus, the new vehicle adopts a new windscreen wiper motors dual system, the which allows the main elements of the motors and wiper mechanism to be moved away from the center of the vehicle.

The Ford Transit Custom features a new, more powerful braking system the which is designed to improv laden performance and feel, as well as Providing Increased durability. The front brake discs are Increased in diameter by 8mm to improv responsiveness. The rear brake discs are also Increased by 8mm in diameter, with larger brake pads.

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