Bill Elliott Among HSR Fall Classic Victors

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BRASELTON, Ga. – NASCAR Hall of Famer Bill Elliott featured the rundown of champs during Saturday during the HSR Fall Classic at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. 

With Sunday's last day of rivalry still ahead, in excess of twelve diverse race victors have been delegated in the opening two days of rivalry Friday and Saturday at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. 

Among this present end of the week's champs was Elliott, who took the generally and American-class triumphs in Friday's Sasco Sports International/American Challenge dash race. Driving a Ray Evernham-possessed 1965 No. 19 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster, Elliott bested a field of 29 sections with a 3.473 second edge of triumph. 

Elliott's success was his fourth HSR highlight race triumph of the period in three distinctive race autos. He cleared the Stock Car highlight races at this past April's HSR Mitty at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta and earned his first Sasco Sports by and large race win in May at the Barber Historics. The stock vehicle succeeds at The Mitty were in a more-than-recognizable red 2006 No. 9 Dodge Charger while the Barber Sasco Sports triumph came in the driver's seat of the Vintage Race Car Restorations 1970 No. 9 Ford Mustang Boss 302. 

On Friday, Elliott shared the general Sasco Sports platform with next in line and Porsche class victor Todd Treffert in his Speedconcepts 1974 No. 14 Porsche 911 IROC. Treffert based on that achievement today with a by and large and GT Classic (GTC) class win in the highlighted B.R.M Chronographes Endurance Challenge race. 

Treffert was pursued over the line by B.R.M. Challenge Vintage class champ Jamie Busby, who completed a strong second in general in his 1970 No. 88 Porsche 914/6 arranged by the 901 Shop. 

Robert Albino completed third generally speaking and second in the Vintage division in the B.R.M. race in a solid follow up to a triumphant exhibition on Friday. Winning the International division, Albino joined Elliott and Treffert as class victors in the Sasco Sports race. 

The Friday triumph was Albino's second-in a row Sasco Sports International class win in his Hudson Historics 2000 No. 99 BMW Z3 Coupe, one race in the wake of taking a similar respect in the Le Sommet des Légendes HMSA/HSR occasion at Circuit Mont-Tremblant this mid year. Pale skinned person likewise scored the general triumph in his BMW in the unique Sasco Sports Race B for little bore vehicles last April at The Mitty. 

Other platform players in Friday's Sasco Sports race included Craig Ross who was third in general and second in the American division in his 1970 No. 72 Cross Ross Boss Racing Ford Mustang Boss 302. 

The general Sasco Sports top five was finished by the last two platform setting Porsche-class contenders. Mike Banz was fourth by and large and second in class in his Heritage Motorsports 1974 No. 13 Porsche 911 RSR. Phil Gilsdorf took the last top-five in general completing spot and was third in class in his 1968 No. 61 Porsche 911. 

Third in Friday's Sasco Sports American class went to Mike Levine in his 1965 No. 4 Chevrolet Corvair. 

Ernie Wilding and Aaron Nash joined Albino in an all-BMW clear of the Sasco Sports International class in their Crucial Motorsports BMW M3s. Rehashing his next in line appearing in the Sasco Sports race at The Mitty, Wilding was second in his FAS Autosports 1995 No. 82 BMW M3. Nash completed third in his Crucial Motorsports No. 83 1997 BMW M3. 

Wilding came back to triumph path Saturday with a next in line GTC finish behind Treffert and only in front of Banz and co-driver Kathy Blaha in third in the 1974 No. 40 Porsche 911 RS arranged by Heritage Motorsports. 

The B.R.M. Vintage-class platform was finished by co-drivers Jerry Peters and Brady Refenning in the 901 Shop 1970 No. 8 Porsche 914/6.

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