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Schaeffler debut 880 kW AWD Concept Electric Audi RS3 [ VIDEO]

Schaeffler debut 880 kW AWD Concept Electric Audi RS3

The" Schaeffler 4ePerformance" concept vehicle displays with its impressive driving carry-on how quickly modern motorsport technology can be put on the road.

The" Schaeffler 4ePerformance" is an excellent example to seeing how technology is assigned from motor scooting to a close-to-volume-production drive theory. The fully-electric vehicle is powered by four Formula E machines with a total capability production of 880 kW( 1,200 PS) that come from the ABT Schaeffler FE01 Formula E racing car. All of the four drives have been in use throughout the entire second Formula E season- and very successfully. What is more, these electric machines were the basis for macrocosm champion Lucas di Grassi's electric drive from his 2016/2017 championship season.

Schaeffler has been active in ABB FIA Formula E, the world's firstly electric scooting serial, from the first season. This utters the automotive supplier one of the pioneers of electric mobility that have believed in the perception of electric motorsport. The electric racing serial is an ideal test orbit for the development of electric mobility technologies and perfectly clothings the company's corporate strategy" Mobility for tomorrow", with which the globally active technology group cures shape the future of mobility.

The relevance of the development close to volume production is peculiarly reflected by the" Schaeffler 4ePerformance" concept vehicle, where knowledge of exhaustive plans knowledge, drives, and software and battery management is gave immediately to all of the Schaeffler Group's development bureaux. In the case of the" Schaeffler 4ePerformance", the related expert the regions of Schaeffler Motorsports, the Schaeffler E-Mobility business division, and the company's affiliates Schaeffler Engineering and Compact Dynamics have worked closely together, and were praised by ABT Sportsline's expertise with regard to the part vehicle. The impressive high-performance vehicle is based on the steel mas of a high-volume make vehicle. The implementation of this project resulted from a seam feeling by Lucas di Grassi and Prof. Peter Gutzmer. The is the subject of this idea was to gain the best possible learning arising as a result of Formula E and apply them to loudnes production.

The" Schaeffler 4ePerformance" is powered by no fewer than four Formula E drives from the winning ABT Schaeffler FE0 1 racing car, each of which provides a capability production of 220 kW. In total, an all-electric drive capability of up to 880 kW( approx. 1,200 PS) is accessible, accelerating the concept racing car from 0 to 200 km/ h in less than 7 seconds. Each individual motor is directly connected to a wheel by using a stimulated gear force, while two machines share one gearbox residence and thereby form an electrical twinned axle. This architecture enables select assure of drive torque to individual motors( torque vectoring ). The capability required for this is provided by two batteries with an overall faculty of 64 kWh." For Schaeffler, this vehicle is a test laboratory on motors thanks to its free scaling possible options for the drive capability. We are currently testing and developing our own driving dynamics assure structure, which is based on physical vehicle and wheel modeling. We have been learning a lot especially in the area of software-based driving dynamics control systems", says Simon Opel, Director Special Projection Motorsports at Schaeffler.

" In the same as Schaeffler has contributed its technical expertise to Formula E from the very beginning, it also plays a pioneering persona and is working together for components and ended structure answers when it comes to applying electric mobility to loudnes make motor vehicles and putting them on the road", says Prof. Peter Gutzmer, CTO of Schaeffler. The automotive supplier presents a wide range of commodities for electric mobility and the electrification of the entire drive instruct: From technologies for 48 -volt hybridization and high-voltage hybrid modules that have been tested in loudnes make through to modular electric axles that will soon too be applied in renowned upper-class electric vehicles in Europe, after first volume-production answers have been offered in China." Schaeffler 4ePerformance" could be a supplement to volume-production drive ideas for electric high-performance sports cars.

The points at a glance
Motor from the Abt Schaeffler FE01 Formula E racing car( season II) Integration of four electric machines with a capability production of 220 kW each( Pmax) Overall capability production of 880 kW( approx. 1,200 PS) MGU with 320 Nm of crest torque From 0 to 200 km/ h in less than 7 seconds Selective wheel drive Battery faculty: 64 kWh Concept and overall vehicle designing: Schaeffler Engineering Overall design and manufacturing of the gearbox: Schaeffler Engineering Vehicle designing: Schaeffler Engineering& ABT Sportsline Motor and gearbox effectiveness of approx. 95 percentage under full-load problems.

Schaeffler debut 880 kW AWD Concept Electric Audi RS3

Schaeffler debut 880 kW AWD Concept Electric Audi RS3

Schaeffler debut 880 kW AWD Concept Electric Audi RS3

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