Gunther Werks 400 R Rebuttal the Interrogation : What If Porsche Built a 993 GT3 RS ?

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Porsche Built a 993 GT3 RS

Porsche first offered the 911 in hard-core GT3 RS guise in the first-generation water-cooled simulate, marked 996. Gunther Werks apparently wondered what a GT3 RS improved off the 911 generation immediately before the 996 -- you are familiar with, the 993, the last air-cooled 911 -- would be like. After realise their answer, the 400 R, we're thinking there is should have been a 993 GT3 RS. 

Gunther Werks had 400 R serial number 00 on display at the 2017 SEMA demo , noting that it plans to build another 25 for customers. Here's what those luck few will get, after either providing a 993 Carrera 2 of their own or _empty_ GW to find one to start with( and _empty_ at least $525,000 for the finished product ): 

The car is stripped down to its steel mas eggshell and its locomotive removed. Gunther Werks then squares up the trail extent front and rear to mitigate what it describes as the 993' s signature understeer, employing inventory front-suspension organizing orientations 1.2 inches outboard of the factory adjusting relied upon by Porsche race teams. It then crafts brand-new carbon-fiber fenders, primary bodywork, bumpers, hood, rear decklid and spoiler, and roof panel around the wider scaffold. The doors stand steel, as they incorporate the stocks side-impact beams.

Porsche Built a 993 GT3 RS

Beyond the lightweight bodywork, Gunther Works goes to city on the 911' s air-cooled flat-six and transmission--again motivated by Porsche's modern-day GT3 RS management. Simply the crankcase is held, as the engine incomes all-new honchoes, Mahle pistons, a water-cooled 4.0 -liter flat-six's crankshaft, Camillo batons, and a GT3 oil pump. To cut horsepower losses to the stock supplementary drives powering the hydraulic power-steering spout and the air-conditioning compressor, those two drives are pulled from the engine inlet; GW swaps both gushes to electric components and relocates them to the front of the car. The outcome is additional dislocation( a full 4.0 liters, just like today's car ), a 7800 -rpm redline, and, in the car's custom-tuned Sport mode, 431 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. A Quiet mode lops 30 horsepower from the above figures and swaps the acquired 997 -generation GT3 RS' s dual-mode spend to its more muted setting.

Other enhancements include an additional oil cool, a carbon-fiber intake plenum modeled after a later water-cooled GT3 RS force, and brand-new gear ratios for the six-speed manual transmission. Due to the additional strength, Gunther Werks actually promotes the first-gear rate and stiffens up the remaining five forward paraphernalium ratios; sixth gear is somewhat shorter than inventory, falling between the stock car's fifth and sixth. Act, as you might expect, is said to be as breathtaking as the car's sound. At only 2670 pounds, the 400 R has an insane power-to-weight rate. There are also several modern suggestions, among them a front-axle raising feature for clearing steep driveways, the aforementioned Sport mode--which didn't exist on the original 993 -- and newer expulsion components.

Porsche Built a 993 GT3 RS

The car on display at SEMA is, overall, stunning, skipping the pretty-thing pretending of Singer's intricately detailed restomod 911 s for a focus on balls-out execution motivated by a car that never dwelt. This car, based on a 1995 Porsche 911, is for GW's own progress and merriment time. Simply 25 more will be built to individual patrons' descriptions. If "youve had" half a million dollars and a spare 993 be standing, this seems like a great course to combine the two.

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