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U.S. News& World Report refers the brand-new Subaru Outback one of the" Best New Car For Teens ." Did you read that right?

Yes, you read that privilege, U.S. News& World Report reputation the brand-new Subaru Outback wagon one of the" Best New Car For Teens ." As teenages thoughts back to academy, you can bet not many are glancing on the web wanting to buy a wagon. The Outback is Subaru's number one-selling vehicle in their lineup and it's being sold to families looking for an SUV-alternative vehicle. We aren't sure too many teenages would want to buy it to drive their friends to academy. Why did U.S. News& World Report elect the Outback?

They evaluated 108 vehicles and reputation eight winners in two categories: Gondolas and SUVs/ Crossovers. To be reputation one of the Best New Cars for Teens, a vehicle must have the best combining of reliability ratings, crash experiment ratings, accessible boosted motorist succour features and top pundits' recommendations in the U.S. News Best Car standings in its pricing category. We can see why the Outback shaped the inventory with that criteria. 
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The Outback rates highest in safety, reliability, driver assist features and it's received it's share of compliments from auto pundits. With standard all-wheel-drive, it's an all-weather capable wagon with a go-anywhere" outlook. While it's a great house hauler, we are fairly particular it's not a vehicle numerous teenages are drooling over.

What other automobiles shaped the inventory?

We aren't sure how many of these automobiles teens would want to drive to academy, but it likely wouldn't be numerous. The automobiles that shaped the inventory are the Toyota Corolla ($ 20 k and Under ), Chevy Cruze ($ 20 k to $25 k ), Hyundai Elantra ($ 25 k to $30 k ), Honda CR-V ($ 25 k to $30 k ), Chevrolet Malibu ($ 30 k to $35 k ), Subaru Outback ($ 30 k to $35 k ), Toyota Avalon ($ 35 k to $40 k ), and Kia Sorento ($ 35 k to $40 k ).

What Subaru vehicle would numerous teenages genuinely want to drive? The rally-bred Subaru WRX or the performance-tuned WRX STI sedan. The only question with these? They do enjoy surface safety ratings, but teens wouldn't be able to yield the insurance premiums.

The Subaru Outback wagon is an unlikely select teenages would be was intended to drive, but U.S. News& World Report reputation the brand-new Subaru Outback wagon one of the" Best New Car For Teens" because it's a safe and reliable vehicle. Although, we could see teen boys wanting to acquire their parent's 2018 Subaru Outback to do a little stargazing with their girlfriends friend.
Source :  torquenews.com
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