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2016 Opel GT Concept - 2016 Geneva Auto Show

2016 Opel GT Concept - 2016 Geneva Auto Show

2016 Opel GT Concept | So you think the new model, there is a good connection between the past and the future? Exactly. The so-called spirit has been taken. What else awaits us? It's a very good question. We have to wait for the decision of the board, but the response is phenomenal. We have a lot of votes from people who are asking for the car, they can not have. Mr. Schnell, if you compare car conceptual design processes used today and which of them made more joy? I think that is a huge difference. In 1962 it was a small department, namely in an old building, on the 5th floor, the basic version of the car came from Detroit,and our task was to create an interior, and many other elements, such as mirrors or chrome strips. Then I was as a young designer involved in this project, a beginner.

Today's design process is much more professional and sophisticated. And thanks to computers, everything looks different. I used were designed using plasticine, at the beginning of the scale of 1: 5, then 1: 1. To accurately measure followed this model, the car passed by "measuring bridge." How to explain this, two columns, the left and right side of the car and with the help of a kind of scanner (so-called "point taker"), looks like a metal rod, point by point model dimensions were removed. Can you introduce yourself, how in the Middle Ages, the digitization, it certainly took a long time. Today digitization lasts one night, we all go home, and am ready! It makes a difference! And what do you think about the new model? Many have already said on the subject. He was so going to

 actually it should be said that there was no intention to make a direct successor to be able to design new GT Concept to see the old GT. Instead, as it is said Chief Designer Mark Adams - was taken the spirit of the 1968 GT. It seems to me that he did it - take the spirit of the car. We'll start with the most important questions from fans of the brand: "When will we see this car on the streets?" It really is a very good question, to which I also would like to know the answer. At the moment, yet we have not made a decision. We showed concept car. Now we observe response and make a decision soon. At the moment we do not have the final version of the car. The answer to this question yesterday, I got the dinner: "We will wait for a positive response." If this car has been selected as a concept car in Geneva

 the question is: "What are we waiting for?" It's a very good question! We are waiting for the decision of the board, but the reactions are phenomenal. We have huge interest from people who can not have the car yet. Anyway, we are waiting for a decision and go. But even such a decision no. The next question is, what was the inspiration when designing this car. Was it a classic GT, or maybe a completely new ideas? Classic GT was kind of igniter to move at all with this project. But really we wanted to draw inspiration from the people who will benefit from such a car. Today, a small sports cars are very accessible, exciting. And to a large extent, affect the brand image. Life around the car was very important, so we have created a very modern vehicle. Previous model was also very futuristic and innovative. And that was supposed to be a conceptual model GT. A moment ago I spoke with Mr. Schnell. He told me that there is a lot of references to the old model of the GT in the new project. Perhaps you are too modest?

Mr. Schnell is responsible for the model of 50 years ago, which we love. It determinant that is difficult to beat. If claims that finds many similarities, for us it's a huge compliment. We understand what he created at that time. He managed to capture the atmosphere and style of those years - the 60s and 70s. While we were trying to capture the style of today. Young people are much others compared to those of 50 years ago. But since captures the similarities, it is a huge compliment for us. It's a great gentleman. When we look at the long bonnet we imagine a huge engine. What was it that you've put into the engines 3-cylidnrowy. When you look at the proportions of the car you come to the conclusion that counts ride. True ride. When the engine is placed far behind the front axle, the weight balance is much better which affects the lead. A three-cylinder engine, which is very lightweight and economical Which translates to a low vehicle weight below 1000 kg, and this in turn allows the use of smaller brake It all makes, that all four elements can be smaller. To sum up, we get a small car with a 3-cylinder engine, which drives like a much bigger car sport. The resistance of air is very low, as combustion. We have the best of everything. Fuel efficiency, small size and great handling. The combination is great. The larger engine would have broke. Great and heavy duty diesel use would not exam. The last question. The front tires are red. What is wrong with black tires?

 Is it any reference to the past, the only reference to the sport? If the design is very economical, refined, then the expressive elements are necessary. We chose the red tires that fit into multiple pieces of equipment. But this is nothing new. Our sports team 1928 had red tires. And you can be sure that if all motorcycles were black tires, we have red - it was very futuristic at the time. Therefore, we used the red tires that look great and are easy to manufacture, and therefore the company will be happy to sell them. We like it and this is the secret of this car. Opel GT Concept with red tires - this is it! Frankly I also like it and it was the first thing that caught my attention. It's very cool is not it? It's very interesting and fresh. Making all the red tires would be boring, but only two of the front creates a contrast. This is unusual. There are many cars on the streets, which look the same. This car is unique. Achievable, small German.


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