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Tips for a smooth car-rental event in Mexico

Tips for a smooth car-rental event in Mexico

Tips for a smooth car-rental event in Mexico.No one likes to feel ripped off or taken advantage of during the early stages of their kitesurfing trip. That's why ComeKiteWithUs wanted to share some info, located upon the experiences of our clients, that will help you steer hiring a vehicle upon your entrance in Cancun, Mexico.

If you follow this guide and retain the gratuities, we are positive you can avoid any negative knowledge that have beset many uninformed travelers to Mexico, continuing you in high spirits while realizing the trek to El Cuyo in your rental vehicle. The first thing you should know is that there are basically only two options for hiring a vehicle in Mexico : 

Option 1 : Rental car with full coverage through a Mexican insurance company= approx. $40-70 USD/ day 

Option 2 : Rental car with obligation coverage through a Mexican insurance company= approx. $20-30 USD/ day

Tip# 1: Never Buy Car Insurance Online

Yes, we do know that websites like Expedia and Kayak will expose rental gondolas for$ 1/ epoch, however, these

are offers pre-car assurance and are what have resulted many a tourist to start off their Mexico adventure with a

headache, lots of stress, and sentiments of having merely been ripped off. Why? Because nothing of the insurance

offers online through websites like Expedia or Kayak will be status in Mexico. If you did buy car

insurance, online you will be forced to buy Mexican insurance separately in Mexico formerly you arrive. 

Tip# 2: Acquisition Car Insurance After Arriving in Mexico 

Go onward and earmark your vehicle online, often seasons for merely $1-2 per epoch, merely is not buy your car

insurance online at the same epoch or the money will be wasted. Instead, formerly you arrive in Mexico and pick

up your vehicle, simply purchase the insurance coverage that is right for you instantly through the car rental

company. If the online website offers free obligation, the hell is OK, merely is not spend additional for any sort of car insurance.

Tip# 3: Save Money by Hiring from a Carrier Not Unearthed at the Cancun International Airport 

OK. So this is not absolutely necessary, but if you notebook a rental through an organization not located at the Cancun

International Airport you will save by forestalling a 16-18%" airfield levy" on your rental. Rental organizations that are

offsite will come pick you up at international airports in a shuttle and take you to their place of business. It simple to do

but does include a small amount of transportation epoch before get your rental car. 

Tip# 4: Make Cell Phone Pictures of the Car and Check the Spare Tire 

While no ComeKiteWithUs clients have had any issues returning rental gondolas in Cancun, there are plenty of

Trip Advisor critiques for most rental organizations complaining about being accused for damage to the car that

was already present upon rental. If you take photographs of the car and any shatter, then you can prove that the

car once had a dent or rake prior to your travellings in Mexico. Additionally, check got to make sure the spare

tire is in the car and that the rim is not damaged. Some critiques by Trip Advisor useds mentioned getting

charged for missing spare tire, or for ousting a rim that was damaged, even though they had never

touched the spare tire. It is important to note that some people claimed the rim was shattered on the bottom

side that was not noticeable at the time of rental, but when they returned the car the give was removed and the

damage detected. Be as studious as you see fit, although, as mentioned above , nothing of our clients have had issues in this area. 

Tip# 5: Drive the Speed Limit in Mexico 

Here is the bargain; we have driven on a daily basis in Mexico and have never been persecuted or had the police

stop us for a" quicken ticket" and ask for a payout/ bribe. That being said, we always drive the hurry limit

and ignore gondolas that may be elapsing us while hurrying on their direction. We know for a fact that when a Mexican

local or taxi driver goes pulled over for quicken, they will likely pay the cop 200 pesos and then be let go; 

however, if you are a gringo or US citizen, generally you will be asked to pay a "fine" in the $100-200 USD range.

So, don't speed even a little. In information, when in doubt keep your speed for the purposes of the hurry limit and you

should be fine. If "you think youre" gathered over driving slower than the hurry limit, calmly and with confidence tell the

officer you were in no way driving faster than the hurry limit and that you refuse to pay a fine for speeding.

Insist they take you to the police station if necessary( they won't, they just crave money ). Most likely if you

are gathered over for moving they will have a radar handgun "whether theyre" legitimately catching speeders, so if you really were moving get out your wallet.

Note: On the direction in and out of Cancun there are almost always policeman with radar handguns hidden along the 180, 

catching speeding motorists, so be careful and extend the hurry limit to insure you don't have to bribe a cop 

before heading to El Cuyo for your kite vacation.

Source : theyucatantimes.com
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