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Aston Martin cars are sexy 580-hp Vanquish S Volante convertible

Aston Martin cars are sexy 580-hp Vanquish S Volante convertible
Aston Martin cars are sexy 580-hp Vanquish S Volante convertible

One of the last of a glad but expiring raise: a non-turbo V12 splendid tourer.

You might remember that we drove the Aston Martin Vanquish S earlier this month. That was the fixed top twin to this car, the S Volante, which we're getting our first look at. Since they're mechanically indistinguishable save the top device, we can give you a sense of what the S Volante will be like. In a word, it'll be awesome.

Remember, the Vanquish S twins are cute dinosaurs in the powertrain department. Both feature a naturally-aspirated, 5.9 -liter V12- that makes no turbochargers. It might make a health 580 horsepower at 7,000 RPM and an similarly health 465 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 RPM, but it's an endangered species. It is, nonetheless, a sonorous monster with staggering throttle response( no slowdown !)- and it's backed up with the smooth, well-regarded ZF 8-speed transmitting, just like the coupe.

The affinities are entertaining, but the vive la difference . Specially in profile, with the top down, the Vanquish S Volante is beautiful. The small cowl protrusions are a racey, tasteful impres. There's almost assuredly some sort of weight retribution links with choosing the Volante version, and there's definitely a cost retribution. The Vanquish S Volante will start at $315,775, or an $18,000 payment over the fixed-top edition. From there, you can waste much more with different personalization options.

Revise: An Aston Martin representative told us there isn't an official Vanquish S Volante weight representation to liberate at this time. For invoke, the old non-S Vanquish Volante was 232 lbs heavier than the coupe. The Vanquish S coupe weighs 3,834 lbs, so it's a save assumption that the Volante version will be slightly north of four, 000 lbs. We'll update you when public officials load representation is released . 

Both versions will affect US dealers in April.

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