Robber killed in popcorn

miss venezuela 2004 monica spear (29) died tragically in a state nya.ia died with her husband, henry thomas berry (39) in the car because the perpetrator managed to shoot a bunch orang.para in Bekuk setempat.menteri domestic police state miquel rodriguez, 5 markers that are believed to be the shooter monica and thomas was arrested. "provisional estimates, they are perampok.mereka today has undergone," said Rodriguez, like the fit ABC.dia asserted that the government venezuela very seriously ini.sebab murder to miss venezuela very surprising residents and officials pemerintah.kejadian on the road between valencia puerto cabello and in the middle of venezuela, January 6, 2013 Monday night setempat.ketika time, the middle monica trip from his home in the United States towards venezuela, together her husband, Thomas, and his daughter, Maya berry spear.tiba fall volley shot into the windshield, about monica, thomas, thomas and maya.monica and killed in virtual tempat.sedangkan was 5 years old was injured tembak.saat this condition maya already membaik.presiden venezuela nicolas maduro said of the results of research in ketahaui former miss that car venezuela.yang live in usa and was vacationing in venezuela it has a flat tire after passing a jalan.Diduga deliberately set by the perampok.Maduro say a truck arrived to help, but the robbers also muncul.ia say general things that happened after day gelap.ia road in one of the world's harshest country (Venezuela) The presence of armed robbers was already making the tow truck driver fled. "They were in the car and covered with wounds tembak.saya asked for an explanation to the person who killed this young man: what explanation do you have?" Maduro president blasts in broadcast TV.
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