Group One Direction( 1D) is certain fixed appear in the stadium Bung Kamo( GBK), Senayan, Central Jakarta, when stopped by Indonesia in concert series world entitled" One The Road Again Tour 2015" The plan, 1D will complete the longing Directioners- greeting fans 1D- in Indonesia, 25 March 2015, Certainty Niall James Horan( 21), Zain Javadd' Zayn' Malik( 22), Liam James Payne( 21), Harry Edward Styles( 21), and Louis Tomlinson( 23), perform at the Stadium GBK said promoter and managers stadium when contacted separate, Tuesday( 17/ 3). According to representatives Promoter Ismaya Live, concert 1D keep it running as planned. no change time and place." Concert keep it running next Wednesday on schedule," said Sarah Deshinta represent Ismaya Live, yesterday, the current all amenities concert have started prepared and began to be entered into the area of the stadium, according to Sarah, news displaced venue 1D in the stadium GBK it does not correctly. Not long ago news emerged if the national team U- 23 will also use the stadium as the host qualifying event Asian Cup U- 23. Initially, qualifying match the Asian Cup U- 23, including Indonesia, will be in a degree in the Stadium GBK, 27 to 31 March later," We had reserved place since the two years ago and announced concert One Direction of a year yesterday," said Sarah. because already deal for a long time, concert 1D tomorrow not so the issue. business Stadium GBK also do not consider the concert 1D inhibit the mat Asian Cup U- 23," They( promoter) is a message place since the previous two years," said Director of the development of management center Complex Bung Kamo King Parlindungan Pane in senayan, Tuesday, King stated, concert 1D which is a concert series world already had been pocketed the licensing of managers," concert organizers have far away day set up all requirements to us, especially security, while PSSI new filed the use Stadium GBK to the trophy Asia U- 23, January ago," explains the King, although time adjacent to the Concert 1D, King remain respond to licensing conveyed PSSI." if( PSSI) remain use it, we will prepare the stadium( after the concert 1D), said the king as he denied the concert 1D inhibit the national football." We remain priority football. This matter of licensing only. They( promoter) the first rather than PSSI. GBK not complicate( PSSI)," he said. Sarah explained, as tenants stadium, Ismaya Live while maintaining and take care of grass field in the stadium," We must take care of the integrity of the grass and other facilities in GBK," said Sarah. during the concert held, Ismaya Live will use the grass cover international standard, not locally." The use of grass cover will not break the grass. when asked permission from the manager, we also qualify keep the grass," said Sarah. King added, the use of grass cover will protect, not turn off the grass. grass cover in use promoter is considered the King has met the international standards and in accordance standard" International Olympic Committee( IOC)." Grass cover this is not desire One Direction, but the terms of us. caring( grass) was not it is very expensive," said king. Explanation of the King and Sarah it makes the Secretary PSSI george Driyono that had complained of the implementation of qualification Asian Cup U- 23 Group H obstructed due to the concert 1D, move the game national team to the stadium Manahan solo.

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