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Honda Accord Concept (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Honda Accord Concept (2013) | The 2013 Accord will feature three all-new powertrains, Including the first U.S. application of...

Honda Sport Cars Air Concept

The Japanese Cars company has created the Air concept , an alternative transportation solutions for those with a hyperactive lifestyle . ...

2010 Honda Cars Civic Hybrid 1.3-liter 4-cylinder Engine with IMA

Looks like a Civic, drives like a Civic, but achieves better gas mileage than a regular Civic. In a nutshell, that's the Civic hybrid ...

Honda S Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Honda S Concept (2012) | The Concept S bears a passing resemblance to Toyota's new Prius V . The Prius is Toyota's P...

Honda C Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Honda C Concept (2012) | Unlike the Concept C , Concept S Could see the global distribution. BEIJING, China, April 23, 2012 ...

Honda Civic Si Coupe Compass 360 Racing HPD SEMA (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Honda Civic Si Coupe Compass 360 Racing HPD SEMA (2012) | After unveiling the Compass360 Racing HPD race car 2012 Civic Si C...

2013 Honda Fit EV

CAR GARAGE | 2013 Honda Fit EV | The Honda Fit EV is based on the popular Fit hatchback and is a part of the company's Diverse portf...

2013 Honda Civic Type R

CAR GARAGE | 2013 Honda Civic Type R | From the sculpted headlights to the rear spoiler, every feature on the Civic has been developed to...

2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport

CAR GARAGE | 2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport | The new Honda Ridgeline Following the Sport models adds features to the Ridgeline RT : exclusi...