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Citroen DS5 (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Citroen DS5 (2012) | The Citroën DS5 had a bold source of inspiration: the C-Sport Lounge concept car. The Citroën DS5 surprises. A unique creation, the Citroën DS5 is an aerodynamic sculpture made of now flowing lines now link, promising the onlooker an amazing drive. The front end instantly identifies the Citroën DS5 as a member of the DS family with an oversize air intake, a wide, chrome-plated grille housing the chevrons, and an incisive gaze underscored by the LED light signature. The Citroën DS5 fully expresses its personality in profile.  The sculpted sides catch the eye and create a play of shadow and light. The saber, cast in one piece, signs the exterior styling of the Citroën DS5. The rear view further underlines the rank of the Citroën DS5 on the road. The design approach of the Citroën DS5 these combines good looks with aerodynamic efficiency. The one-piece polycarbonate quarter-light features a built-in aerodynamic deflectors.

The Citroën DS5 features the very best in technology to Provide an easy and relaxed drive combined with satisfying at-the-wheel sensations. For stable and efficient road manners, the Citroën DS5 is fitted with Electronic Brake force Distribution, Emergency Brake Assist and ABS, as well as a new Citroën innovation, intelligent traction control, combined with ESP for optimum vehicle control in the most delicate driving Situations .. The DS5 is also equipped as standard with the Citroën eTouch service to remain connected in all circumstances.

Citroën eTouch features two additional services via the web: a virtual maintenance manual, for mechanical or safety alerts on incidents and information on upcoming servicing, and an eco-driving service, for monitoring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Cabin lighting plays a key role in the Citroën DS5 on board experience. The LED-based lighting gradually lights up the interior of the cabin.  The color transparent head-up display is deployed to display essential driving information, the three digital pads and instrument cluster needle spring into life.

The THP 200 offers a remarkable drive with power of 147 kW and maximum torque of 275 Nm at 1.770 rpm. The DS5 is the first Citroën fitted with full-hybrid technology Hybrid4 combining the on-road performance of an HDi diesel engine and the efficiency of electric power. Several Hybrid4 technology offers different driving settings. Using the thumb wheel on the central console, drivers choose from one of four modes: Auto, ZEV, 4 Wheel Drive and Sport.

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