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Porsche SP91-R (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Porsche SP91-R (2012) | This new machine's full name is Speed Art SP91-R. The word Speed and Art is used for the name of this new Porsche's member as this car fully utilizes the water factor with its artistic and dynamic body shape. Stylish German car manufacturer has produced this time a car with an artistic design body shape. They named this as the model of SP91-R Porsche upgraded the which is the existing models of the Porsche Carrera S Revealed That was on 2011 and was available for sale in this year's (2012) January.

Let's talk about the artistic features of this new machine, the body is colored in elegant white color, the which adds some sort of royal looks to this machine. Stylish side skirts are installed along with the lowered ground front and rear bumper design make this car That Sports with DNA. The body front bonnet discourages the use of exhaust grille in front, this system is placed at the rear side of this car as the engine is also mounted there.

That screen is also linked up with the four-speaker stereo surround sound system with dual treble producing small speakers like machine, now the TFT screen can also been used for the purpose of entertainment. Moreover, this new artistic models by Porsche is installed with other high tech tools like the satellite radio, car health monitor, key less entry, climate control and much other related stuff. You have the option to pick form 7 speed automatic or 7-speed manual gear box. Such extreme with housing of power tools, this can Speed Art Obtain the speed of 0 to 62 mph in just 4 seconds.

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