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Mitsubishi Outlander (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Mitsubishi Outlander (2013) | This unveiling will confirm the start of an all-new generation of global products for Mitsubishi Motors, consistent with the ambitions set in MMC's "Jump 2013" smart business plan for a Greener and more global Mitsubishi Motors. Fittingly, MMC's complete family of Passenger Vehicles / crossovers / SUVs will also see a gradual transition to a re-focused design language, as seen with the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander.

This same quality Continues look inside the car with premium high grade materials (padded surfaces, soft-touch finish, silver or wood Accents, gloss black appliques) gracing a dashboard designed for better driver concentration, Including ergonomic steering wheel controls as well as high- resolution and easy-to-read instrument displays.

During the course of 2012, MMC will also take advantage of the built-in possibilities of the Mitsubishi Outlander's versatile and powerful electronic platform to add an EV architecture-based plug-in hybrid power-train to the ICE Outlander range. When fitted to the new Mitsubishi Outlander, the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid EV system will allow for a range and very low CO2 emissions similar to That of MMC's Concept PX-MiEV II (over 800 km and a target of below 50 g / km) .

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