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BMW Zagato Coupe Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | BMW Zagato Coupe Concept (2012) | Zagato has worked in close collaboration to create an exciting and Emotionally charged coupé in the finest tradition of automotive workmanship. The BMW Zagato Coupé embodies the unbridled Fascination of cars and fuses the design DNA of the two companies into a fresh and desinctive whole. The premiere in question will see the time-honoured Milanese coachbuilder Zagato team up with BMW to unveil the result of a unique collaboration: the BMW Coupé Zagato. The Concorso began as a get-together of coachbuilders presenting a one-off hand-built creations, and the BMW Coupé Zagato That follows very much in tradition.

From the side, the BMW Coupé Zagato displays the pared down, Cleary defined mass distribution of visual Zagato is renowned for the which, blended with the familiar surface treatment and design language of a BMW. Its coupé design also necessitated a new roofline, the which highlights the car's potential with impressive dynamic Fluidity and Elan. The rear end is cut almost vertically Itself in another Zagato cue, the which enhances aerodynamics. The attractive interplay of lines here draws attention to the rear wheels and the car's rear-wheel-drive configuration. The side air vents reference the form of the bonnet intakes and extend Their dynamic agenda to the car's flanks. Below the side vents, the silver "z" provides another Nod to the cooperation Between BMW and Zagato. The two "z" s in the air intakes and BMW badges are the only gleaming chrome elements on the BMW Coupé Zagato. Another characteristic Zagato design theme is the specially designed "Criss-Cross" transition from the side windows into the rear window. The lower section of the side window surrounds Dramatically slants upwards just ahead of the rear end and extends to form the upper border of the rear window. This aspect of the BMW Coupé Zagato design is particularly striking when viewed from above.

The distinctive rear end provides the clearest evidence of Zagato's influence. Formed almost without a single joint, the rear end cuts a classy figure, Appearing as if formed from a single mold. Nothing interrupts the flow of surfaces and the powerful sculpture of the rear. Taken as a whole, the rear of the BMW Coupé Zagato has a very broad, low-slung appearance, its powerful, solid and purposeful design form language giving the car a Planted stance on the road. A curved bar featuring the trademark Zagato splits the surface into sections and Gives the car a Greater impression of width. The likewise tinted rear window can be opened, offering access to the rear luggage compartment. A prominent rear bumper downwards feeds into a large diffuser. Matt edging accentuates the form of the diffuser, draws the focus to the wheels and underlines the Planted stance of the BMW Coupé Zagato.

As a matter of fact Marella Rivolta, wife of Andrea Zagato, Zagato is Art Director and Responsible of the BMW Coupé Zagato trim and colors. The hands of Italian designers were also Responsible for the eye-catching looks of the BMW 3200 Michelotti Vignale (1959), BMW 700 (1959), BMW 3200 CS Bertone (1962) and BMW M1 (1978) - all of the which retain the status of design icons to this day. The BMW Zagato Coupé heralds a new chapter in the tradition of cooperation Between BMW and Italian designers. "Working with Zagato was a fantastic experience. The body of the BMW Coupé Zagato has been built entirely by hand. The Zagato experts spent many hours crafting the aluminum sheet metal by hand and meticulously molding it to give the car its unique form.

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