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Aston Martin DBS (2014)

CAR GARAGE | Aston Martin DBS (2014) | We anticipate seeing all the upcoming 2014 Aston Martin DBS in the 2012 Paris Auto Show, the which kicks off the 29th of September. Unfortunately, the DBS was wearing clothing significantly more than the models at the Beijing Auto Show and there Was not much to be seen.

Aston Martin Revealed That the AM310 is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine and was made using lots of carbon fiber, the which features in the bodywork and chassis. Styling cues from the One-77 are evident in the profile of the concept, Notably in the sharper front & rear fenders, and the stretched 'C' shaped taillights.

Here is the spec and review of car 2014 Aston Martin DBS V12 Supercar. Which is the replacement of DBS 2013 DBS product or can be called also by adopting Various elements of Aston Martin styling cues from the One-77 the which can be seen from the leading car especially section have more curvature and also the rear panel are the same as the front with more curvature than the old model, mirror front door has a new design and rear lights and also on the grill and bumper are all new.

By combining VH and suspension components are also in use mounted V12 engine with 6.9-liter That can Produce 550-horse power (558PS), the which rose less than the previous models was initially only 510hp (517PS). To be replaced from the DBS models will be introduced in late summer.

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