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Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster (2013) | The 2013 Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster Could be dimensionally close to the Detroit concept. Like that Porsche and other sports cars with power trains behind the cockpit, the MSC would have a front trunk - the which also holds the fuel tank, Judging by the concept - and a rear compartment behind the engine. VW quotes a total volume at a modest 6.4 cubic feet, but sports-car owners are used to traveling light. VW touts the concept's "lightweight construction methods," which should mean some use of aluminum, plastics, and similar materials in the interest of maximum performance with minimum fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The company also says the concept's Z-fold fabric top would be "the lightest in its class," another hint That is serious about the VW BlueSport.

Surprisingly, one Could be a 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel as used in the Detroit concept. Likely this would be a tweaked version of the lively 2.0-liter unit now Offered in VW's Jetta compact sedan, the larger Pas sat sedan, and Audi's A3 premium compact. Though an "oil-burner" sports car may seem odd in this market, Diesels Make the kind of low-end torque Beefy That so many Americans CRAVE. Whatever engines are chosen, there's Likely to be but one transmission: the 7-speed version of VW's DSG automated manual.

VW already does a top-quality interiors, and the concept boasted a navigation system - albeit with a screen almost on the floor - plus power seats, windows, and door locks. The concept's 19-inch wheels Could be optional as well; we expect the standard 17s or 18S.  Also for efficiency's sake, any Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster 2013 will probably come with electro-hydraulic power steering, an engine stop / start system, and anti lock 4-wheel disc brakes with a regenerative function for keeping the battery charged and powering Certain accessories. As for other features, a 2013 Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster would focus on function, not frills, in line with its affordable-fun mission.

In all, the 2013 Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster Could shape up as a nifty new sports car That should lure more customers to a brand Whose image and sales have been steadily rising. The main reason, we understand, is that the MSC project is driving development of component sets for key next-generation VW Group models, and it does not make economic sense to start building the sports car until Those high-income products are ready to roll.

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