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Smart Sales Collapsing, Brand Learns Importance of Marketing

Numbers for Smart's Lilliputian Fortwo are dismal right here inside the States: from 24,six hundred units in 2008, sales dipped to fourteen,six hundred vehicles in 2009 and are 60% down up to now this year. Furthermore, most effective eight.1% of metro New York shoppers could return to the brand, while San Francisco is marginally higher at 19.8%. With simply no marketing (that I can see), a transmission with quirks that must be defined, and a $14,000 rate tag, something certainly has to be achieved to rectify the misperceived metropolis vehicle emblem.

Penske Automotive Group, which runs Smart USA, will try and improve the state of affairs by way of putting Smart "in the front of the forms of purchasers who're apt to be interested. "As an armchair marketing guru, I'd say that have to had been the goal from the get-pass; proper now, evidently the emblem changed into constructed on hyped hobby from those who likely concept it become "cute for the wife" or "inexperienced" or something even more superficial.

Oddly, Smart USA has just been taking customer orders instead of actually selling cars. To initiate some new tactics, the company has hired former Saturn general manager Jill Lajdziak.

On the schedule is greater print, film, and web-based totally advertising. Also, Smart's Street Team could be returned to sell the product, give people test drives, and do size tests. After the Street Team driven to introduce the logo, it became benched for no obvious reason.

Until now, Smart USA seemed content material with sitting again and resting on its European laurels. As we can see, that failed to paintings, so hop to it guys. After years of US "sales", Smart will just now begin placing banners on car web sites. Really...Two years to set up internet advertising? I'm enthusiastic about metropolis automobiles in America, but this logo has been so mismanaged that any confidence I had in them is seriously waning. We'll see how their Fortwo electric buggy works out.

By Phil Alex

Source: MSNBC

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