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Smart and Brabus Launch Special Individual Programme for Fortwo in Frankfurt

In conjunction with overall performance and styling professionals Brabus, Smart has developed a new individualization programme for its Fortwo micro automobile. The German firm claims that "something is viable" with this provider as clients can choose from lots of different finishes for the outside, severa forms of leather in round a hundred colours , six cabrio smooth top colors as well as the entire Smart and Smart-Brabus variety of add-ons.

As a part of the new customization service, customers will also be able to specify their automobile's frame panels and tridion protection mobile from a palette of 18 shiny shades, every with a supercar or history topic consisting of a colourful Campbell Blue that will pay homage to the iconic Bluebird land pace document.

The Smart-Brabus tailor made concept, that is being formally launched at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show, might be available this wintry weather.

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