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Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 4 gets next-gen human machine interface tech

Mitsubishi Electric, the specialist technology division of Mitsubishi, will demonstrate advanced human machine interface technology at next week’s Tokyo motor show.

The systems, to be able to be included into road cars in the coming years, allow passengers to engage with an onboard laptop and advantage facts through augmented reality.

Mitsubishi Electric will use a concept called Emirai 4, an electric and autonomous-capable vehicle, to illustrate the tech. The car uses a head-up display to superimpose a computer-generated image onto the view ahead. This can enhance road features such as white lines and road markings to improve visibility for the driver.

Additionally, the concept offers a 360deg view of its surroundings with gadgets proven in 3-D, rather than 2D like cutting-edge production automobile systems.

Lighting technology has also been incorporated so passing motors are alerted with an illumination projected from the door while a passenger is exiting the vehicle. Mitsubishi Electric is also one of several manufacturers experimenting with driver monitoring technology that could regulate climate manage settings to lessen fatigue.

The machine featured within the Emirai four can enhance safety by using enhancing self sufficient control if a driver is detected to have reduced attention.

All of these safety-boosting features are being produced via Mitsubishi Electric, which can sell its structures to the broader car marketplace. Mitsubishi Motors, the auto brand, is now part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, so gained?T necessarily be first in line (or in line at all) to apply the tech.

Mitsubishi Motors is investing in driverless technology and will show its e-Evolution, an SUV concept with artificial intelligence, at the Tokyo motor show to illustrate its progress in the field.

The automotive brand joined Renault and Nissan to form the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance earlier this year. Mitsubishi Motors' push for electric and driverless tech is part of the wider group's £8.9 billion investment into these areas.

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