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Mini Coupe JCW GP (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Mini Coupe JCW GP (2013) | Introduced just before Mini launched the second-generation model line, the GP edition packed more power, less weight and a sportier suspension.  That's what it would seem, with the less versatile and more backwards-hat-wearing Mini Coupe wearing a camouflaged minimally lower front and rear fascias, plus four-spoke wheels like the first GP edition. The question is whether the Mini GP is planning versions of both the hatchback and coupe, or if one of these prototypes is merely a diversion of some sort. For power, the MINI GP Likely will use a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine should the which the make around 220 hp.

A Mini John Cooper Works Coupe that's been given the GP treatment, caught wearing very little camouflage. It's already been confirmed That the high-performance Mini JCW GP II hatchback models is coming to the U.S. by the end of the year, we've even spotted one out testing, but this is the first time we've caught wind of a Mini Coupe JCW GP II. The Mini is wearing a few GP hallmarks, namely a set of four-spoke wheels and an aggressive rear diffuser. We doubt That Mini would refer to it only as the "GP" but at the same time call the three-door the "GP II." It makes more sense for Mini to use common GP nomenclature, even if doing so means the coupe's name makes a little less sense.

The original Mini JCW GP was slightly lighter and slightly more powerful than a contemporary three-door JCW, attributes we expect will carry over to both the new GP II hatchback, as well as this new coupe. When the first-generation Mini John Cooper Works GP went on sale in limited numbers back in 2006, the Mini lineup had yet to expand beyond the Cooper hatchback and convertible. Today, the Mini's offerings include the Coupe, Roadster, Clubman, and Countryman, and extending the upgrades to a second GP models is easy and makes some sense.

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