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Mercedes McLaren Sports Cars ASMA Design Perfectus SLR 722

ASMA Design have modded the Mercedes-Benz McLaren sports cars SLR 722 to their specifications. The new ASMA Design Perfectus SLR 722 is totally redone with new aggressive custom carbon fibre bodywork and 20-inch wheels.

Mercedes McLaren Sports Cars ASMA Design Perfectus SLR 722

The unique SLR handiest made 650-hp from the 5.Four-litre supercharged V8, however this changed into now not sufficient for ASMA Design, as they've upped the energy to 750-hp, and this allows the ASMA Design Perfectus SLR to get from zero-100km/h in best 3.5 seconds, after which go onto a top speed of 216mph.

Making claims of perfection is a dangerous aspect to do, in particular inside the one of a kind and traumatic global of supercar tuning. But there may be one guy who can really make this declare of perfection, and even pass as a ways as to name his incredible car creation Perfectus. And this Designer is Erturul ASMA and this is his exceptional, all carbon fiber ASMA Mercedes McLaren SLR 722.

Carbon is the customizing material of desire for hardcore tuners alike, but till the disclosing of Perfectus, no-one had without a doubt used this maximum lovely and powerful material to its full and awe-inspiring effect. But, as these beautiful snap shots can only show, Erturul ASMA has taken the McLaren to entirely new levels of automotive theatre. In truth, way to Perfectus, you may overlook approximately the arena of top-cease tuning right here on Earth, and now, and best now, suppose in phrases of an awesome new age of carbon customization.

Wide arch at over 2-metres in total width, with over 10cms of terrific-phat and great-sculpted carbon over each of the one-off ASMA rims, rims which might be additionally mind-blowing of their dimensions. How does 325-25-20 out the lower back and 255-30-20 up front take hold of you? Hard! And as soon as this beautiful carbon design grabs you, it'll never assist you to go.

The huge ?N? Wild absolutely custom carbon fiber bodywork is certainly unrivaled and unbeatable, everywhere in the global. Sharp, greater-aggressive F1-stimulated bodylines take this SLR to whole new ranges of road-presence; this SLR is constantly in complete assault mode, making 700hp to again-up the ASMA Design styling.

Only Erturul ASMA could make and show his claims of perfection, however he should also make an apology? Express regret to all of the proprietors of widespread SLRs anywhere, for there can be most effective one Perfectus.

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