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Mazda Shinari Concept

CAR GARAGE | Mazda Shinari Concept  | Not so with Mazda's latest Endeavor styling. The Shinari concept, the which roughly translates to "resistance to being bent," will serve as a the basis for Mazda's new design language, and many of the styling cues will make it to future production vehicles. That means the Shinari That will essentially affect the design of every vehicle coming from the Japanese automaker for the next Several years. The Shinari was Officially unveiled Earlier today, and we spent hours talking with Several artists about the Mazda's design and how it will affect the automaker's forthcoming vehicles.

The creation of the Shinari Concept starts with Ikuo Maeda, Mazda's global head of design. Mazda runs in the Maeda family's blood and there's no one more qualified to define the look of Mazda's next generation vehicles. The Shinari Concept Styling concept represents the first under his new design theme, Kodo, the which replaces the controversial Nagare them from the past Several years. "It is this intrinsically emotional appeal of the car that i wish to express when creating Mazda cars."

While Maeda created the theme for the new stylistic direction, the development of the Shinari Concept was actually a collaboration Between three of Mazda's design centers in Japan, Germany and the United States.  Looking at the exterior, it's easy to tell That the Shinari shares little in common with Mazda's recent designs, although like almost every sedan built today, it has similarities to vehicles from other brands. It's almost as if the Aston Martin Rapide and a Mazda RX-8 cued up some Barry White, enjoyed a romantic evening and the Shinari came out nine months later.

The front end features Shinari "signature wing" that will become a styling cue for the new brand. The most impressive aspect of the exterior design was the devotion to the theme in nearly every inch of the concept.  While the exterior is Certainly a departure from previous designs, the interior is Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Shinari.  We know many of these elements will not make it into a production car, but Mazda's North American director of design, Derek Jenkins, who oversaw the development of the Shinari's interior, says it's Mazda's goal to add sophistication to future models. "Mazda is really an aspirational type of brand," he says.

That one thing can definitely be seen in future Mazda interiors is a driver-focused cockpit. A close look at the Shinari's interior reveals an asymmetric design That snugly surrounds the driver's seat while leaving the passenger seat more open and relaxed. Jenkins says this will be the theme of upcoming Mazda vehicles and help set the brand apart. Unlike other pie-in-the-sky concepts, the Solarise is a smart, well Executed styling That exercise should be a solid platform for future design models. The muscular lines should translate well into a production car, and customers will always appreciate a more sophisticated interior.

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