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Honda S Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Honda S Concept (2012) | The Concept S bears a passing resemblance to Toyota's new Prius V. The Prius is Toyota's Prius V family joined this past year as the go-to hybrid option for families or people will not fit Whose junk in a regular Prius hatch.  Brought two obliquely named Honda concepts to the 2012 Beijing auto show: the first is the Concept C sedan and the second tall is this Concept S hatchback.

Like the Concept C , the S previews a new production model-in this case, a hybrid people mover.  Aside from saying it's a hybrid, Honda did not reveal much about the Concept S Compared to both Honda's own Insight and both versions of the Toyota Prius, the Concept S is a Looker.

The front end incorporates cues from Several recent Honda concepts, Including the cool EV-ster small sports car and AC-X sedan, and the look is nice even with the Concept S's rotund body. Otherwise, if the Concept S's design manages to Make its way into production Relatively unscathed, Honda Could have a-dare we say it-attractive hybrid carryall.

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