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Bertone Nuccio Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Bertone Nuccio Concept (2012) | The Nuccio will be under the spotlight at all the events scheduled for the Cente-nary Bertone. After the Geneva Show the car will be taken to Beijing (April) and to the Turin National Car Museum (May) where, at a gala evening, a historic exhibition will be inaugurated That will stay open till the summer. Bertone is also sponsoring the annual congress of Automotive News Europe (June) That will be displaying the Nuccio during its proceedings.

The Nuccio is an "extreme" sportscar That puts an imprint on the evolutionary concept That is built into Bertone's dna: the mid-rear engined Berlinetta. Formally, the Nuccio takes its layout from the low, muscular one-box design That is part of the company's historic tradition.

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