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Audi Q7 (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Audi Q7 (2013) | The new diesel takes advantage of the stop / start technology and selective catalytic reduction is an advanced system, the which AIMS to Reduced the nitrogen oxide levels emitted by up to 70%, using an additive system in the catalytic converter.  Buyers are Spoilt for choice with a range of diesel and petrol engines, ranging from eco-friendly, right through to license-unfriendly with the 1000nm V12 TDI sports version of the Q7. A large SUV was one of Audi's biggest and most obvious gaps segment just before the car's launch in 2005. Since then, the Q7 has played a pivotal part in Audi's surpassed goal of reaching one million car sales worldwide. Initially Offered with a single 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine and a 4.2-liter V8 petrol engine, the Q7 has now evolved into a post GFC fuel-miser with the introduction of a 'clean' burn revision of the 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine .

The changes Followed through to the rear with minor changes to the tail lights and rear assembly. The view through the front and rear is exceptional, with a tall field of view offering a 4WD-esque view over other cars.  Surprisingly though, if you opt for the six-disc CD-player - as optioned on our test vehicle - you lose most of the glove box, making it redundant and extremely small when compared with the size of the vehicle.  Interior leg and head room is very impressive. Front and second row passengers have plenty of room to work with. The Q7 range is also fitted with a third row of seats That accommodates two extra people, Increasing the total seating capacity to seven passengers.

The third row of seats came retracted when I collected the vehicle, so I had to go through the process of removing the cargo blind barrier and erecting the seats. After five or so minutes of erecting seats, I Discovered That the metal strut used as the cargo blind Safely could not fit in the boot space behind the third row of seats.  With floating cargo blind aside, the end result is seating for two children or two adults for short distances in the third row of seats.  Despite being the entry-level Q7 variant, the 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel provides plenty of added punch.

The engine Produces 177kW and 550nm of torque. Prior to Audi engineering the automatic gearbox for stop / start compatibility, the only stop / start capable vehicles on the market used manual transmissions, the which are far Easier to stop and start when the engine is disconnected from the drivetrain. As opposed to an automatic gearbox, the which uses a continuous coupling when the vehicle is in a forward or rearward gear, and requires too much time to Disengage a gear and re-engage a gear before switching off and switching on respectively.

When you approach a stop and have your foot on the brake pedal, the car will switch off until you release the brake pedal again. While the system is technically seamless, you can feel the car shudder slightly as it switches off and likewise when it switches on again. It's absolutely unbelievable when you Consider the vehicle's fairly portly 2.3-tonne mass. The The automated stop / start system can be switched off using a button on the dashboard. In Addition to the stop / start system, the revised 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine features an advanced selective catalytic reduction system. This helps Reduced noxious gases by up to 70%. To prove how capable the Q7 is off-road, Audi performed a track across Australia after the car was launched in 2006.

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