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2011 Lotus Sport Cars T125

The British manufacturer, Lotus, prepares the launch of a limited edition model, inspired by Formula 1, the performance is sure to be nothing short of spectacular! That will be available for purchase for any enthusiasts that affords the huge price of 780,000 euros ( $1,000,000 ). The entry ticket will give the owner access to special track days and instruction from actual Formula 1 drivers in not just driving but also fitness.

2011 Lotus Sport Cars T125

Named Exos T125, the model has the looks of a Formula 1 car. The 2011 Lotus Sport Cars T125 is an exclusive ultra high performance F1™ inspired race-car complete with Cosworth 3.5 litre GP V8 engine, the same company that supplies engines for the Lotus Formula 1 squad and other teams.

2011 Lotus Sport Cars T125

Smith characterizes it as a detuned race engine; outputs are 640 hp at 9800 rpm and 332 lb-ft of torque at 7600 rpm linked to a six-speed semi automatic gearbox with paddle shift and  while the maximum revs will reach 10,300 rpms (Real F1 cars use 2.4-liter V-8 engines that can rev to a maximum of 18,000 rpm; no team discloses its engine’s power output.) A bespoke carbon composite with nomex and aluminium core chassis with carbon composite panels contribute to a super light weight of just 560kg resulting in a phenomenal power to weight ratio of nearly 1000 hp per tonne.

2011 Lotus Sport Cars T125

Unlike a Formula One car however, the Cosworth V8 is fitted with an alternator and starter motor. A support team is not needed, as the T125 may be commenced with a push of a button even in your garage. The Cosworth is designed to go 4500km (2800mi) between servicing. That's a lot of track miles and a lot of track days (10-12 track days, about 2 years worth).

Lotus means that the customer who purchases these sports cars all will arrange to join Exos cars owner's club, the club will periodically hold an activity and help buyer to provide it to drive ability. But this lotus Exos T125 sports carses will create in British Norfolk, the head of England market 10 car types will consign a customer in spring 2011, the rest car type will continuously consign in summer 2011.

2011 Lotus Sport Cars T125

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