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The newest descendant of the glorious family, the sixth generation of Ford Mustang, which is remarkably beautiful and striking, is easily recognized and aggressive, having quite stylish elements, which is giving a fresh and modern tone. It is a reinterpretation of the present year model with multiple improvements, in order for the current Mustang to be faster, more comfortable,  to drive better and to protect its passengers. The Ford Mustang will be available with 2 engines. The first is a four-cylinder engine with 2.3-liter turbo Eco Boost 317 horsepower and maximum torque of 432 Nm.

The dimensions are similar but the weight is lower, the drive is on the rear wheels with a manual or automatic transmission, and dunia aspirations have brought it back with a lot of electronics and a right-hand drive version. The other engine is the V8 with lima liters of power and 421 horsepower and a maximum torque of 530 Nm. It is designated as a GT and has a turntable engine, torque from standstill to red line and has a lightning rod for a parking lot. Both engines are equipped with six-speed manual gearboxes or six-speed automatic transmission. The Ford Mustang has two body styles: a convertible with a soft roof top and a fastback with a hard classic roof.

The interior gives us impressions that are consistent with the traditional values, and is designed in retro style with many details taken from the first generation of the original. Subtle external looks equalize the hood for better visibility and standard LED lighting everywhere. The front seats are designed so that people who are 2 meters tall can enter, but the rear seats are different, they lack sufficient space for the occupants' heads and therefore are intended for children.

The Mustang has always been in great shape, and for the 2019 contoh gets some aerial improvements such as: a new splitter, an optional lifting slider, new LED lights and a set of large square openings on top of the hood. Mustang will be the first to offer a digital display that will be standard in most markets in Europe and Asia, which is an analog cluster at the Mustangs base in the United States.

There are also some surprises that need to be seen. Pressing the pushbutton on the steering wheel with the Mustang icon will take you to the customization sajian. The quality of the materials in the cabin is mingled so that the handles besides the driver and some other elements act as being taken over from Fiesta, but there are also high quality materials, such as the lace on the dashboards, the aluminium pedals, the metal key on the center console as well as the excellent leather seats . The steering is immediate and communicative, it captures a lot of power and is sporty, precise and quick.

The Mustang is a particularly practical car that has easy access to the trunk, a lighter load and a comfort cabin. It has more than 1.7 tonnes, but 54 percent of the mass is at the front points and therefore the balance is not bad. The Tests showed that this car has a good balance of comfort and management. Of course there are different driving modes that can be switched, including the set settings and some excellent situations that can allow you to make large traction on the track.

You can also change most of the control weights on your own, but we think it is best to hold it in Sport especially if you get the V8. With 444 hp and 390 hp, the performance is suitable for fast acceleration in V8 with 62 km / h for 4.6 seconds. The four-cylinder 2.Tiga liters turbocharger that develops 371 horse powers is calm and resilient and does not always have a speed change at normal speeds.

It's also about the sound of an engine that does not sound like a classical four-cylinder, but it leaves an impression on a motor that has more than four cylinders under the hood. With the great power, its consumption is more than 20 liters, but if it is driven moderately and generously it would consume about 8 liters.

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