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RE-Xtreme RC DRB-REW Prototype #001 - DEBUT and play!

Setup almost entire. FD3s Installed.

RE-Xtreme RC DRB-REW Conversion is ready for it is first live check. End result--- AWESOME!

A ultimate minute transfer failure saw me swap the Airia from the DP-RWD into he DRB.

DP wipers are amazing gadgets. All you want genuinely.

First lap was appropriate, 2d became higher and simplest tuning can enhance from this point.

I already love the way the chassis works. The ability to region the battery at once over the rear wheels is spot on with a shorty %.

I tried many places consisting of a protracted full size battery all which gave amazing consequences.

Performance is already greater predictable than of my previous DP Weight Shift Setup.

New Speed-Line setups are requiring a piece more camber to get the rear facet chunk going on.

But the DRB-REW is already spon on. Massive the front steering angle may be very very beneficial for CR-1 compliance.

With the extent already high at GCRC,

We are all pushing ourselves to get consistency and enhance increasingly.

Good days in advance.

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