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The new RANGE ROVER hybrid with PHEV performance looks amazing. According to the discovery of the automotive industry RANGE ROVER in the PHEV version has a powerful petrol engine with 300 horse powers and an electric motor with 85 KW / 116KS, which is located within the gearbox and has a total of 404KS and 640Nm of torque. The new hybrid RANGE ROVER, is a new type of the P400E, which is much better than the older version. Its difference is in the better engine and is good in the city traffic, the only dilema is that the double-liter petrol engine gives more tension to the longer trips, thereby increasing it consumption. The length of the RANGE ROVER is lima meters and the weight is dua.5 tons making it more stable and safer in its driving.

The new contoh has a 13.1 KW power battery packed in the luggage compartment, the maximum speed in a hybrid drive develops up to 137 kilometers per hour and can drive as much as 50 km with one battery charge. But the petrol engine gives a speed of up to 220 km / h in 6.8 seconds.

When it comes to the interior it is totally changed, it has a large space and a large scroll board, and has two screens for different information. These dua screens are big 10 inches and feature touch-ups and are seen in VELAR, where it gives better visibility to the owner, navigation and a system for field reaction. According to the experience of AUDI, which has the same two-screen system, it gives us the impression of improving this system in the JLR by setting up a Touch Pro Duo that can respond slowly and give no feedback. The company has electrical settings of at least 16 to 24 settings, especially in the rear, with the executive group seat. But not only that, Range Rover has the Nuance Voice Recognition option, where many functions can be controlled through a voice command, but previously installed with the disc's state language to facilitate the work of processing the data. Inside there are various plugs for usb, hdmi, 12 v sockets and capacity up to 8 4G WIFI connections. With the electric energy in hybrid mode, as well as the EV mode, the driver receives information through 3 displays. The ZF self-accelerating gearbox provides us with different driving styles, and drive of all wheels.

As with many other hybrid outlets, the P400e can operate in three modes - all electric, automatic (which are switched between electric, gasoline or both depending on the conditions) or dynamic (which also uses them for maximum performance).

The new range rover is a straight runner, quite stable in its rich off road programs, the dynamic and comfort mode, which helps in all conditions of snow, water, paved and non-paved roads. When it comes to the mode in the water, the manufacturer recommends that the vehicle work in no way be extinguished, as it may lead to damage to the hybrid system by retracting water.

Regarding the paling aman of the toroidal brakes, this hybrid contoh has no differences in comparison with the previous non-hybrid models, it's almost identical. The pedal behaves normally almost less than expected. And by the end of this ride through the luxurious things offered by our RANGE ROVER both inside and outside, I would say anyone who can afford to buy it, would reach every destination and save a lot of fuel.

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