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The new Continental GT is inspired by the Bentley EXP 10 Speed ??6 concept and is unmatched in its group. This Bentley is phenomenally powerful and remarkably designed and built. It has the same platform as the MSB Porshe Panamera, but is longer for 13.4 centimeters, has longer lines, low profile and gets even more aggressive look.

The new Continental is composed of mixed materials, mainly made of aluminum and steel. Panels are superformed, and this is a process in which aluminum plates are heated to 500 degrees and then formed using gas under pressure.

Large chrome grilles and mirror headlights give the vast presence, and the rear edges of panels on the back give the car elegance, and there are the new elliptical racing lights.

Interior was the hardest part of the work, it is made mostly of a combination of leather, wood and metal, and the hardest thing to do is wood that is made manually and for every part it takes about 9 hours of work. Here are the leather seats that can be moved in 20 different ways, there are also equipment packages that can be obtained and a massager in the seats. Bentley has also more versatile display Rotating Display. It is a combination of high technology and traditional craftsmanship. The dashboard is rotated according to your desires and offers you the option for a high-resolution touch screen. It's a 12.Tiga-inch monitor behind the wood, but when the engine starts, the monitor automatically appears and allows the driver to control all the commands. It's a crystal-clear infotainment screen that can be hidden behind 3 analogue dials with one push of a button. It has 15 interior skins, carpets can also be selected to suit costumers, and for semi-shiny leather there is semi-linoleic leather.

The new Continental GT, incomparable in its group, is with a merk new 6-liter twin turbocharger W12 engine and is convincing in the highways. The W12 engine version is lighter 85kg. In comparison with the predecessor, thanks to the heavy use of the aluminum and therefore the total mass of the vehicle is reduced by dua,250 kg. It is set back to improve weight distribution.

Bentley reflects the engine's responses, but retains its elastic driving, and the suspension produces protruding parts that disappear, and the transmission automatically changes the joints, all of which allow the dual-clutch transmission.

The engine is tuned to produce 626 hp and 900 Nm of torque, it is connected to the ECU and is capable of making 300 million perangkat lunak calculations in one second. It can range from 0-100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds to a maximum speed of 333 km / h, that power is sent to all four wheels through the new All-Wheel Drive System, but could also send power to the front wheels depending on the terrain.

The brakes that are larger than in any other car can slow the car of dua.Dua tons significantly faster thanks to their grippy 4-wheel drive system. It's possible to reduce speed even when moving deep in an angle.

Under the hood, the technology allows all cylinders to be released from the gentle gas vents, thus reducing the number of jobs up to 6 and thus inflating fuel consumption. The company offers a range of 17 colors for the Continental GT.

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