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Following the FERARRI models from 2015 onwards, 458 and 488 GTD which were one of the most powerful cars, after the past three years, the Ferrari replaced them with a more powerful engine and less weight, and this is the new Ferrari 488 Pista, which means "race car" and will be presented at the long-awaited car show in Geneva.

This fantastic, powerful car presented by Ferrari's company resembles a big beast that will captivate the eyes of every lover of powerful cars. According to the information we have if you wish to own Ferrari 488 Pista it will cost you $ 645,000, much higher than the previous 488GTB, which ranged around 175,000 dollars. The front has a newly redesigned bumper or splitter, and the rear bumper or spoiler is higher and longer than the predecessor 488, this includes its aerodynamics, the top panel is completely new, now redesigned with an improved flow of air through and over the spoiler.

The diffuser is larger, now it takes up almost 50 percent of the rear panel. Vertical fins are larger and go deep under the body, something you can see only in sports racing cars. The two large openings on each side of the bumper round the design of the rear.

The interior in FerrariI Pista is almost exactly the same as the previous contoh, with black and red colors dominating on the board, and thin lines are expressed. The steering wheel is identical with black ornamental elements on the steering wheel, and the instrument panel has a yellow counter which, in contrast to its predecessor, had a red color.

The weight is also reduced to 1280 kilograms where the biggest role is aluminum and carbon fiber. The front part is the S-Duct system that is taken from the Ferrari F1 formula, as an opportunity to visually shorten the nose of the car, creating an original floating wing effect. The color wheel scheme is an integral part of the car's design and the way it dives into the S-Duct.

The engineers made a lot of attention on the engine that is a tiga.9 V8 engine with two turbines and 90 KW respectively 3902 cc, developing 720 hp at 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 770 Nm at 3000 rpm. The length of this phenomenal car is 4605 mm and it is 1206 mm wide. With these performances, the Ferrari Pista 488 to can accelerate 100 km / h in dua.85 seconds, and up to 200 km / h in 7.6 seconds, so when accelerating at a higher speed the whole force manifests itself on the front axle. And if it has a high starting power, it is also suited to the urban environment because the engineers have made a good power steering and good brakes. The engine is equipped with a seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission.

The new Pista, however, differs in its power from its predecessor, it is also faster for 30 milliseconds and normally the drive is located on the rear wheels as well as with the predecessor that is regulated by an electronic differential. The size of the engine itself is reduced by 20 kg, in contrast to the predecessor, there are located exhaust pipes made of special alloy inconel. The new PISTA has a state-of-the-art SSC 6.0 system, which can be adapted in 6 combinations and several other systems come in additional equipment.

All these systems that has the new Pista for the driver allow better driving and adjustment in a sporty, extreme variant. According to information circulating in the public it is possible Ferrari to produce the first carbon fiber wheels, but the new model Pista 488 has tires from the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup dua that provide great stability and driving reliability, the tires themselves give you great confidence to let yourself as fast as possible.

We hope that the Ferrari Pista will be one worthy future car that is produced by FERRARI and will reach the expectations of many Ferrari fans. Based on what we know so far, it will be time to tell if Ferrari Pista can meet its expectations of some of the best cars ever built, trying to advance the aliran further.

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