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A brilliant consultation from afternoon begin...

 To past due night time finish...

Battles a plenty. Ready for the switch.

And some amazing tight strolling.

I surprise who owns this one.

Sliding with Speed.

Super Clean FD3s slicing a pleasant photograph.

But it's difficult to ignore the ones silvias

They are everywhere.

I've currently added some Lighting to the circuit. For quick sessions with lights, it adds every other measurement.


Something my commodore was lacking.

Drift Package requiring a few more weight for correct traction. While my Weight Shift DP can match the CS motors for pace, the Plastic DP desires a bit more.

Hachi Slide!

But those lighting fixtures are shining on.

A transfer lower back to the Weight Shift DP FC3s Rx7 allowed for some tight battles. RWD vs CS.

It became definitely a blue topic at a few times.

Photographer taking benefit of the low light and low shutter speeds for a few first rate imagery.

With running lighting off, you just ought to be a chunk more conscious. But for a short 20 mins. It become fun.

Getting a brand new feel to place..

In some locations whilst you are close to the wall, it's like you're jogging on light.

But it is usually the comparison that works. Love this shot!

Photo credit... M. Frener.

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