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 Who likes a chunk of conflict movement?

Winners of the Twin Drift Battle... These grabbed the gang interest. CS Kazama chassis movement.

 New associate... Would not remember, just get at the door and live there. 2md vicinity getters. RWD Overdose DP and Driftline chassis.

Twin Silvias crating a fantastic fashion.

This is proximity!

3rd went to those two...

Regular companions with MST and Hikoitec

A very near 4th region voted by the target audience went to this pair. I clearly rated these high.

JXRs at the money.

Speaking of JXRs... These two men are usually like this. Always excellent battles. But when you make a small mistake in Twin Drift. It's difficult to get better.

I need to know... I assume I spun my RWD four times in a single lap. Haha.

But there were glimpses of proximity.

Allowing that one tremendous shot... It really is all I need.

For me... I couldn't get the flow up near.

More silvia twins

EX GCRC proprietors car. Also featured high within the Body Contest.

Big perspective entries.

It's true to peer new entrants now not afraid to tear into the interest.

Great to see these men on track.

Slide time... The pretty machines. Heading in the right direction.

Super Real Parts Stance frame comp finalist does not thoughts a bot of motion both.

Both drivers using on the wall, only a little distance apart.

506 glide team. Hooking in.

And out to the brink.

These guys were doing great right up until this point.  But the crowd loved it.

Cool searching Supra doing all of the right matters.

More new drivers taking to the song.

Won't be long until those men have become it close.

Thanks to all of the drivers and we was hoping you enjoyed the MAS-X-DRIFT Comp.

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